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lego man & computer screenThis website marketing tip shows by example how singular focus can not only bring more visitors to a website but generate more sales.

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web-design-is-marketing1Recently I’ve been thinking about Web Design and in particular how to get the balance between the multiple aspects of a successful website right.

It starts by deciding what is going to be the most important. This will help form a clear vision for the website so that the other areas don’t obscure that vision.

So, what is the most important aspect of a business website? Design? Usability? SEO? Functionality?

You may get differing advice on how to design your website depending on who you ask:

Ask a Design Agency and they may well tell you that it’s really important that they build you a fantastic professional looking site.

Ask an SEO Agency and they may well tell you that it does not matter what your site looks like if nobody can find it via a search engine.

Ask an IT developer and he may well tell you what you need is a unique build with an app or some flash functionality to make the difference.

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happy listening?“It’s impossible to keep every customer happy” so said the guy at the car rental office.

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Good bye to successful website redesign

15 Ways To Say Goodbye To A Successful Website Redesign.


How to avoid a successful website redesign project. Yes wave goodbye to your website redesign success by following this easy 15 point plan for complete failure:

  1. Be completely obsessive about ‘the design’ and pixel perfection. Don’t let usability, useful functionality or purpose get in the way. Continue reading »
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best wordpress plugin for seo*** 10/6/13 Post Updated With Results (it works) ***

If only you could put your products and services in front of more of the right people at the right time, then your business would grow, right?

Here is a simple way to start doing exactly that.

Using what I believe is the best WordPress plugin for business growth your business will be able to bring potential customers to your website. Those who are actively looking for products and services like yours, but do not know that you exist (yet). Continue reading »

Hi, I’ve written a brand new exclusive free guide for you. Written in plain English, with good ol’ real world examples, it’s a non-technical guide to optimising your website for Google in six steps.

If you want to get more value from your business website and increase your online presence, then start today with this guide.

Search Engine Optimisation For Non Techies

- A six step guide to an optimised website

Free Search Engine Optimisation For Non Techies. Six Steps to an Optimised website

Download my exclusive free guide to get started;

you will learn:

  1. Where you are on Google today & where you can get to.
  2. How to regularly get found on Google.
  3. How and where to use keywords on your optimised website.
  4. About blogging and SEO, know why successful businesses blog and how to kickstart your own blog.
  5. How to exploit Social Media for SEO.
  6. How to acquire the right links to improve your rankings. 

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With 2 million searches made on Google every single minute, you are missing out on business if your website is not shown for relevant searches. Read this free guide to know what to do then optimise your website to get more visitors. You can start today.

Through real world examples, this plain English guide will show you how to optimise your website to be found for more searches, bring more visitors and increase your business earning potential. 

You will learn how to acquire the right links to your website that make a difference to your Google ranking, how to exploit Social Media for SEO benefit and find out why businesses blog and how to use blogging to massively increase your website traffic.

Includes my handy checklist of 10 easy things to do to make your website appear more often in Google for free.

Start Optimising Your Website: Download Here

Decisions Decisions - East in 1 hour or tour the world

Decisions Decisions – East in 1 hour or Tour the World? (

Make use of the expertise of a website marketing consultant and you will almost certainly generate more sales from your website and online presence, and gain a growing confidence in your online marketing approach, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?  

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How do you promote yourself and your business online?

I  asked Adrian Wilson of McFade Photography if he would write this post on the role of images… I’m grateful that he said yes and I’m sure it’s going to make you sit up and take note. It did me…

What gets most views on social media?
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website broken heartNo matter how happy we are with our initial website, a few months down the line we always seem to think it could be better or we start to notice those little things that just annoy us. We start to entertain those thoughts; “I need a new website”. In some cases the site we once loved, we even grow to hate. Strong stuff.

So is this really terms for divorce? Is it time to replace the old with a new sparkly young thing? Continue reading »

If you are thinking your website needs a makeover or redesign first read Is it time to divorce your website? – Break Up or Make Up? It may mean that you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading this website redesign example case study! Although I hope you won’t want to miss out so I’ll see you back here in a few minutes.

The Decree Nisi – Website Redesign Case Study

website-redesign-example-heartHelen at Helen’s Heritage Walks came to me with a petition to divorce her website on the grounds of, amongst other things, being old and dated. One look and it was obvious it was time for the old website to pack its bags and the Decree Nisi was granted.

This is the story of how the redesign of Helen’s website gave her:

  • a credible professional online image,
  • increased traffic & bookings (with online bookings),
  • control of her own web presence. Continue reading »