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Can I really make my own website?

If you are not very IT literate then starting your own website can seem like a daunting task but don’t worry.

I’m not going to lead you through a technical step by step guide to making a website because their are many different ways to achieve that. What I will do is guide you through some of the fundamentals that will ensure you know what it takes to make an effective website for your business and avoid the mistakes made by others.

The number 1 mistake to avoid, whether you give money to web developers or even myself to build your website for you or undertake to build it yourself, is to avoid being dependant on anyone but yourself to make changes to the content of your website. Whichever way you go my absolute number 1 recommendation is that you must be able to add, remove and change the content of your site yourself.

Many businesses get locked in to having to wait and also pay for changes to the content of their site. No fresh content is one excellent way to demote your site down the google rankings!

So you’ve avoided that one right? Good. Next make sure you have an understanding of how your website will get found and how it will effectively convert visitors into sales. (By the way, the sites I build include all these aspects and a familiar editor for allowing changes.)

Read on to discover how to do this via the blog post articles in my Create Your Website blog topic.

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