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marketing-sherpa-winner“The winner of 2012 best, most effective Search Engine Optimisation  Tactic is…”

(rustling of envelope opening) 

Drum roll please…, lets hear it for… … … “Content Creation!”

So as Mr & Mrs Content Creation approach the stage to accept their award I wonder what their victory speech might be like…,



The guys at Marketing Sherpa have produced this handy chart showing the results of the latest research into effective SEO tactics of 1,530 surveyed marketers. The chart is taken from The 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - SEO Edition - It shows that marketers clearly witness Content Creation as the best, most effective SEO strategy. The chart is organised according to effectiveness by degree of difficulty which makes it particularly interesting.

could it be a speech something like this…

“For Best Most Effective SEO Tactic  -  And The Winner is…  Content Creation”  
- The Acceptance Speech

content marketing oscar“Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou for this prestigious award. It’s a great honour, I mean their were so many other worthy candidates such as External Link Building. Hi Linksy. And of course everyone’s been talking about the rise & rise of Social Media, keep going Social, I’m sure you are getting closer to this award every year, of course I couldn’t have done it without your help.   

We feel so lucky to be standing here getting this award, it’s not always been easy, but worth it in the end. Of course it has been a real team effort and there are so many who have been beavering away in the background without who’s help this would not have been possible.

First, Mum & Dad our parent writers who created us, thankyou. You’re the one’s who drove us on when times were tough keeping us on our toes by regularly creating content otherwise our websites would have looked old and dead. Thank you that you took time & effort to craft quality content that our visitors found interesting, helpful, entertaining and yes the word you drummed into us again & again ever since we were just a twinkle in your eye… engaging!

Thankyou keywords for being a real rock! Creating our content around you helped us focus on reaching the right visitors and reaching further than ever before with our websites getting found for new search phrases time and time again. 

Marketing Sherpa award ceremony

Blogging, you were there with us every step of the way, a friend to turn to, to get our message out. You must take a lot of the credit in helping us achieve this award.

Then Social you were there to help our visitors remark and share us with so many others which brought us recognition and so many more visitors.

We must also mention the other websites that, well, mentioned us in your links. Thankyou. We were glad to be able to serve your readers as well as our own and thankyou for the traffic you sent us.

There’s so many other members of the team to thank, Video, you did showing off at its best and put a smile on our face. Infographic, so many times you put the message across in a way that words just could not explain. White Paper, you kept us focused on the facts, giving visitors the information they needed and gave credibility and authority to our websites. Then of course our lovely glamorous assistant Miss Image, when we were looking a bit drab, you picked us up and made us look and feel attractive again. And Webinar, I know you’re recording this!

All our lovely pieces of content on the web, take a bow. We appreciate your efforts and for effectively bringing in all that traffic.

I hope I haven’t missed anyone, thankyou all. I’m sure the list should go on, please help me out by adding them in the comments at the end. Thankyou. Thankyou all” Love & Kisses

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you this years winner of Most Effective SEO Tactic, Content Creation!

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images: gnews & photo by Alan Light

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