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set up google alert to tell you when your web page is listed

So you have just created a new post or page on your website, your excited and want the rest of the world to find it as soon as possible. You want to know if your web page is listed in google. So how do you find out? Perhaps you go to google and key the title of your content and scan the results to see if you can find your page, and give up once you reach page 7 of the search results. But there are some better ways.

Two ways to find out if my webpage is on google

A better way is to use the site command in Google which restricts the results to just your website. I’ll mention that now, but there is an even easier way which is to get Google to tell you when it’s listed using Google Alerts.

Using the Google site: command to list your web pages

First the site command

Keying into the google search box lists all the pages of your website that are in the google index. This is worth doing sometime anyway to get a feel for how your entries might look to searchers when they appear in the search results, ask yourself are they working hard enough to entice clicks through to the page?

Use site: command to list your web pages in google 

To narrow down the search to look for just the new page, key the site command plus the url of your new page; e.g. This will restrict the results to just that page which will be returned if it has been indexed or you will get a not found if it hasn’t.

Now you could repeat your search every day until your page turned up, but how about you let google do the searching for you and tell you when it’s found it?

Using Google Alerts to find when your web page is listed

So now the easier way. Head on over to Google Alerts and sign in to your google account (or sign up if you don’t have one – it’s free).

This is where you can ask google to send you an email when it indexes any content containing any text you specify.

To set up the alert enter the text you wish to monitor for in the alert search query box, so in this case you can enter the site command with either the url of the new page or just your domain url as I described above to be notified of either the specific new page or any new page on your domain.

set up google alert to tell you when your web page is listed 

For the other options; leave type as ‘Everything’ to be on the safe side. Set how often you want to be alerted, set to as-it-happens to get notified immediately google finds & indexes it. Also change the best results option to see all results so that your new page is sure to be included. Then add your email address where you wish to be alerted, google will send you an email asking you to verify the alert which you will need to do to activate the alert.

Then sit back relax, or get on with some ‘proper’ work and as soon as your page turns up in google you’ll be the first to know. If you try the site command just after you get the alert the page may not show up straight away, but it should be there within a few hours.

Of course you can use Google alerts for other things like monitoring your brand name so that you discover any mentions of your brand on the web, or your competitors of course.

Give it a go. If you found ‘How to know if your web page is listed in google’ helpful please share it using the social media buttons on the left and let me know how you get on in the comments.

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Update: A few days after posting I received this email from Google Alerts:

google alert email

I had forgotton that I already had an alert set up for web-marketing-advisor so it was actually that one that triggered the alert rather than the site: command alert I set up above, but I’m sure you get the idea.

And sure enough if I go to google and key in the site command for the url, it now shows up:

page listed site command search result


and finally how am I doing in terms of ranking highly for searches related to this content:

how to know if your web page is listed in google page listed search results

Not too bad, there I am at number 5 on the first page just behind google itself. Of course if I want to get this page ranking highly for other related searches then I will need to do a bit more work.

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2 Responses to “How to know if your web page is listed in google”

  1. Dear Pete,

    Hope you can help, my mum’s websites: & used to be well ranked on Google for may of the popular search terms such as wedding cars Manchester, or Manchester wedding car hire etc. but for some reason we are no longer on the 1st page or even on the first 10 pages in that matter!

    We can’t understand this and wondered if you can help, she was listed on Google Places and relied on the traffic coming from this listing, but this has also recently vanished so now she is not getting any calls / business what so ever. It is only a small family business and needs some help with marketing these websites. I am a novice and designed / hosted the websites and did some basic SEO work, but unfortunately I have ran out of ideas. Can you help?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Ilan,

      I have looked at the sites you mentioned, They are very similar, almost identical and I believe you have another site which again is almost identical. You are using frames to populate the pages of the site.

      So we have a couple of problems here: Firstly Google will pick and choose which of your essentially duplicate sites that it wants to include in it’s results. Secondly although you serve up your frame content from it’s host location, the content Google sees is your source code which is very different from what human visitors see. If you view:source (depending on your browser press something like control u) you will see that there is very little for Google to see – your page title and the link to your frame source and not much else. Now it’s possible that Google visited your frame source (and thought I’ve been here before from another url) but otherwise let me put it this way, if you were Google would you want to rank an essentially empty page highly?

      Now this year Google has made some significant changes to it’s algorithms, for example keyword heavy domain names like weddingcarsmanchester are no longer the advantage they once were. Given your lack of visible content your domain name plus title tag may have been enough to rank you previously, but now coupled with duplication issues you are paying the price.

      In the short term there is a workaround for the frames issue – google noframes – but essentially while you are creating noframe content you should consider devoting your efforts to a different strategy.

      Put yourself in Googles shoes for the moment. Someone enters a search for wedding cars manchester. As you are Google, which sites would you want at the top of your list? Probably the best sites that have plenty of good quality relevant content for starters. Now Google doesn’t always get it right, often crappy sites still seem to get highly ranked but have a look at the first few sites for your keywords and honestly assess how you measure up. Ask yourself if you deserve to be up there with them.

      Once you get into this mindset of thinking what does Google want to rank highly, SEO becomes a lot easier. Of course there is a lot more to it than that but hopefully this will get you on the right track. I think if you read my post on Content Marketing to rank higher in Google that will also help you.

      Good luck, let me know how you get on


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