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How to get your website on google search. A basic explanation of how search engines rank…

Lets concentrate on google as that handles 80% of search traffic.

How to get your website on google search

google’s success is founded on expertise to meet their users needs. Who are their users? Is it your business who wishes to promote its products and services?

Simply no. It is the 90% of computer owners who now use the internet as the primary method of finding the solution to their need.

As users, what do we like to happen when we search for local garage services, the latest landscape artwork or a tourist guide to Baffin Island? We want a solution to our need that is relevant, trusted and up to date.

the websites google deems most relevant, trusted up to date for baffin island search

So what do you know, typically the results on the first page of google (ignoring any paid ads) are what google deems to be the most relevant, trusted and up to date websites it can find based on our search.

Over the years google has got exceptionally good at discovering these sites and ranking them highly. We as users have benefitted and the trend now is to use search engines more for more of the things we need. Good for us and good for google.

So what does that mean for you?

For you who are trying to get your business found on the internet and want to know how do you get your website on google search. It simply means that you should strive to follow the 3 guiding principles promoted by google themselves:

  1. your website is highly relevant to the searches of your potential customers.

  2. you demonstrate that your website is trusted.

  3. your website is fresh and up to date.

If you succeed in achieving those three things then expect a steady rise in your search ranking for the relevant search phrases. No great tricks, no pulling the wool over the eyes of google, and you have done it for free.

Of course the option still remains to spend some money instead of effort on paid listings or a combination of the two.

So how do you do it? How do you get your website on google search?

Coming Soon: how to make a search relevant website, a trusted website and techniques to keep it fresh and up to date.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the articles you can always contact me to explore how I can help you achieve these things on a personal one to one basis for your website. Check out how I can help you improve website ranking through my Search engine solutions.

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