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content marketing case study shotmiser-golf-gpsShotmiser make golf GPS units. When people see the units they are generally impressed, they regularly get 4 & 5 star reviews. But competing against big GPS brands like Garmin is not easy.

One cost effective means is by content marketing. The production of quality content which can be good for consumers, good for Google love and good for the brand.

So here is a real life Content Marketing Case Study example that shows what we did in our quest to produce excellent content and how it brought significant additional “free” traffic to the website.

Content Creation

We began by asking ourselves, what did we already have that we could use? Our greatest assets are the accurate colour course maps used on the GPS Units. 

case study shotmiser-royal-lytham-course-guideUsing the GPS course map for Royal Lytham golf course, the venue for this years British Open Golf, we created a colour hole by hole map guide and made it available for download.  

Those going to the course could print it and take it with them to add to their enjoyment of the British Open.

Content Promotion

We also spent some time promoting it amongst the local news, hotels and other relevant sites (i.e. told them about our content which resulted in several mentions & features) as well as an email campaign to the Shotmiser customer and contact database encouraging social media sharing.

The Result (the direct contribution of this content)

Google uses many factors to determine it’s rankings, a large number of these can be summarised as indicators of trust. 

The mentions (links) from the sites where we promoted our content and shares by our customers created enough trust for Google to give it high rankings. 

case study google search results for royal lytham course map

In fact it was in the top 3 on Google for a number of relevant searches finally being overtaken in the last couple of days before the Open by the BBC and Sporting Life. They had produced a last minute guides of their own and are of course very big reputable brands, nevertheless we were rubbing shoulders with them (you can see the current ranking for “royal lytham course guide” search here – still well up on the first page at the time of writing). Currently the guide ranks highly for a number of related searches such as “royal lytham course map“. Position 3 at the time of writing.


content marketing case study impression & clicks chart


The high Google ranking together with the referral traffic from linking sites and social media contributed to a total of over 2000 visits to the site (2400 at last count). 

You may think that’s a lot, you might not. Either way that is 2000+ visits that would not have been obtained otherwise and was from one piece of quality content. Repeat this for other pieces of unique quality content and you can see I hope that the numbers can start to multiply.

The Overall Content Marketing Impact

Linking back from the page into the main site also passes a little bit of Google love into the site. In this case we saw some higher overall rankings for the site, which means yet more visitors. The case study suggests that an additional consequence of content marketing is that the brand and Google’s overall site trust has grown. This  can only be beneficial.

If you want to exploit a content marketing approach for your own site, start by thinking about the assets that you have that you can use. If you think you might need some help then give me a call on 07906 971762. You can read more about my Content Marketing approach to SEO here.

About the author: Pete Stevens: I work with businesses to get the best out of their website; maximise visitors and maximise sales. I live with my wife and 2 teenage children near Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire UK. I enjoy golf, football and curry mmm!

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