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Were you surprised at how brilliant the Olympics were? The buzz & excitement? The recognition for us Brits? The British success? Go on you were a little bit proud weren’t you? 

What if we were able to get just a little bit of that Olympic-ness into our business and in particular into our websites? Let’s see if we can learn some great Olympic lessons to take into our own online challenge. I think we can…

The Olympics.  Where reputations are made. Where medals are won and lost.

Our Websites. The public face of our companies. Where sales can be won or lost.

It seems to me that we can take a lot of lessons from our Olympic success and apply them to improve our websites, our public face. Lessons that can help overcome hurdles (sorry about the pun) such as only reaching a limited number of people, struggles to differentiate ourselves from the competition, or the lack of a compelling connection with potential customers.

I was one of 70,000 “gamesmaker” volunteers which gave me my own viewpoint of the games. As a volunteer driver I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with team leaders and officials of several countries, they were all extremely positive about their London 2012 experience.

olympic-soldiers-and-chinese make your website olympic

Chinese fans get a taste of British Forces humour as they exchange flags

One such official was the Angolan team leader, who expressed how London was so well organised and different. He told me that everyone had been friendly and enthusiastic, especially in the Olympic heats which was unusual and as far as his countries 7 competitors reached. He described how supported his athletes felt and the great spirit that would live with them on their return to Angola.

London 2012 was the place where London & Great Britain showed the world how the Brits can do it differently and do it well. From the opening ceremonies self deprecating humour of Mr Bean and Our Queen’s meeting with Mr Bond and helicopter jump to the fantastic atmosphere of enthusiastic cheering crowds; we did it well.

There was no way LOCOG could live up to Bejings rigid opening ceremony spectacle so they decided to be different. As a result we saw our nations unique identity and enthusiasm for sport shine through. Effective marketing for our nation?

A different marketing approach

olympic_ticket_traders make your website olympic

The standard marketing approach

olympic_queen how to improve your website


As I walked around the Olympic Park I saw another example of a different marketing method. Lots of people had obtained event tickets but wanted to trade them. The standard approach for most was to hold up a sign advertising a trade such as Water Polo for Handball or Athletics (Hopeful – I think they probably needed to trade Water Polo plus their right arm to get Athetics!). Most ad’s were scrawled on old bit’s of paper.


Similar requests created an element of competition between traders.

One trader decided to be different. Dressed as the Queen in a ‘royal’ red dressing gown complete with cardboard cut-out mask and crown. With some humour in her/his message (which just like the others was a similar offer scrawled on paper) she/he was certainly attracting the desired attention by being different, in this case outrageously different. Loitering close to the BBC broadcast centre their was a good chance of the message being spread far and wide. 

So what has this got to do with your or my website? Well sure we should strive to make a difference with our site, but what specifically should we do differently? When we sell similar products and services it can be very hard to make a difference or show it through the web. Often we resort to differentiating on price, which devalues what we offer.

Content Marketing – Olympic Style

I suggest applying Olympic inspiration to the content that exists on our site or that points to our site from elsewhere. This is Olympic style content marketing. For example if we sell wardrobe doors, the sliding type we will quite rightly sell the benefits in our literature and website, for example how they are such a space saver; but that’s about as far as anyone gets, the standard approach. There are a myriad of articles out there about how sliding door wardrobes save space. Competing with them will be difficult.

olympic rings - find a different angle for your web content

Think Olympic. Look for a different angle

When we write content for our site or for guest posts elsewhere, lets think Olympic. Lets look for the different and unique angle.  For example a guide to how to fit a sliding wardrobe between uneven walls or why using sliding doors can make for a stylish kitchen. Write lots of these unique angle articles and not only will we reach different people, we will reach more people.

We may struggle to get found in Google amongst all the competition if we only talk about  space saving benefits (for searches like ‘space saving furniture’). However with a unique angle we can be #1 (for searches such as ‘Can I fit wardrobe doors between uneven walls?’). Not so many people will search in Google for this but it’s better to be #1 for these modest searches than nowhere near the top 10 for popular searches. Create enough of them and they will bring in more traffic. 

Publishing Elsewhere

We can either publish the article on our own site or suggest it to another trustworthy relevant site. In the case of my example you will find my article written with a client on a DIY site and currently #1 for the ‘Can I fit…’ search.  Publishing elsewhere gains referral traffic and credibility for our brand. It also passes a little bit of the trust from that site to our own which is a good indicator to Google that our site is also trustworthy. Do this enough times and we will see our Google rankings rise. We start getting found for new search phrases. Over time our ranking for more competitive searches can improve. This will increase our traffic. Perhaps to Olympic proportions.

The ‘Olympic’ Website

So how are we doing in overcoming those hurdles of traffic, differentiation and the vital personal connection to make the sale? It might help to align them with some Olympic events.

10,000 metres  10,000 metres: Endurance is needed but as we produce our fresh quality unique content over and over again published across the web, it brings us traffic from a wider range of search phrases. This is just the kind of indicator Google is looking for that will help our site rank higher generally. Keep it going lap after lap.

keirin - that's different



The Keirin: Our content will be different and demonstrate an expertise that can set us apart from our competition. (Funny moped thing not compulsory).


olympics-archery hit the spotArchery: When our content hits the spot by providing solutions to specific problems such as wonky walls we create a deeper connection that can lead to the sale. Bullseye.


Now think how this ‘Olympic’ content marketing approach of creating different quality unique content across the web can benefit your brand,  your web presence and your business.

Do you think your website is in with a chance of a medal?

Give me a call on 07906 971762 to discuss how I can help you achieve it. 

About the author: Pete Stevens: I work with businesses to get the best out of their website; maximise visitors and maximise sales. I live with my wife and 2 teenage children near Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire UK. I enjoy golf, football and curry mmm!

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