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How do you promote yourself and your business online?

I  asked Adrian Wilson of McFade Photography if he would write this post on the role of images… I’m grateful that he said yes and I’m sure it’s going to make you sit up and take note. It did me…

What gets most views on social media?
  Promoting your business online - What gets shared on social media?

I’d guess that photos and images take that crown. Sure we all read the status updates (well the shorter ones, not those long ones that go on and on and on) but it’s the funny photos we all share with our friends.

Who’s profile do you look at first on Linked In?

Either a specific person you’re hunting down…  or maybe the one with the best (or most interesting) photo? I know I do….

Promoting your business online - A great profile image grabs attention

Which websites are most attractive/engaging?

Is it the “times new roman” text-heavy thesis, or the colourful, image heavy website?

The truth is that we’re all different:-

  • some like detailed text to read,
  • others like diagrams,
  • some like punchy videos which last 30 seconds
  • most of us like photos?

It may be fair to say that the message of a photograph is most effective. Its universal.

 Promoting your business online - convey your message through a great image

In an instant of viewing, you can show:-

  • your product(s) (the minute details, them in use etc.),
  • show your smiling face (friendly – approachable – someone to do business with) face,
  • show the “vibe” of your office,
  • your happy team working away
  • show…. Well anything you like really to promote your business.

Great photography is one of the most important parts of your website because it attracts people – it engages and makes them want to see more. It’s the bait that gets the viewer to the hook – the hook being the “buy now” button, or whatever sales process you use.

Promoting your business online - Attractive images attract customers

Conversely, poor photography can totally destroy your credibility – who buys based on blurry product photos? Dodgy i-phone portraits do nothing for you.

There are 2 photography options for your business promotion ;

  • Firstly the “Stock Photography” route.

Affordable yet generic… it’s a bit like buying art from IKEA. That photo of girl on the phone may look great, but it says nothing about you, your company and ethos… and it may well be on 30 other websites. Every “support page” in west Yorkshire probably has a similar shot, it’s functional, a filler.

  • Secondly, hiring in a professional photographer.

You have to opportunity to explain what you want – create a brief – be involved in the shoot – get great shots of your team. You can make your business look fantastic and show it off to the world, safe in the knowledge that yours is the only website with those images.

Also you’re employing a creative person – it’s not just a camera and flash that turns up, it’s years of experience and knowledge which you can tap into. A great photographer will see your workplace in a totally different way, he’ll know how to use light to get images you’d never imagine.

Working together, as all great photography is collaborative, you always end up with more than you ever hoped for.

The price of getting bespoke photography may seem prohibitive till you imagine use of the images.

Use professional images in every part of your business promotion

Not only the website, but use them for:-

  • press adverts
  • flyers
  • business cards
  •  tweet them
  • Use them on Facebook
  • Linked IN
  • Bill boards!

Anywhere your business appears, will be enhanced by great images.

So when you’re budgeting your new website or next big ad campaign, imagine the images which will best sell you and your business services… then check out some professional photographer’s websites (to get an idea of their style and skill) and approach them with your ideas….

Pete says:
“To effectively promote your business online I would definitely recommend you take a look at Ade’s stunning photography on the McFade website. Thanks for writing this post Ade.
To get some remarkable photography to give your business impact, give Adrian (or myself) a call. “

About the author: Adrian Wilson: Photographer, musician, teacher and easy going chap based in Leeds.

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