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To begin to improve sales performance make sure your product or service is exactly what your customer needs.

Before you exclaim that I’m just stating the obvious let me explain more fully what I mean in marketing terms…


ice cold drinks on a blazing hot day
immediate treatments for raging toothache
build your own sofas for rooms with awkward access
music players that make music sound great

Identify the customer need

So what is the problem or need of your prospective customer?

in these examples it might be:

I’m thirsty and hot and need to cool down
Help, can someone take this tooth pain away now
How can I get a sofa in this room with a narrow and awkward entrance
I want my favourite music to sound as good as it possibly can

Once you know the problems and needs of your customer you can then sell your solutions but:

Avoid raising questions

avoid raising questions in the mind of your prospective customer

these statements raise questions not answers

canned drinks in choice of flavours – are the drinks cold?
ABC Dental Practice – a range of affordable services – how long will I have to wait?
Comfortable Component Sofa’s – whats a component sofa?
music players with Rhapsody DNA, a voice recorder, and support for FLAC – Is FLAC good?

If the answer is not immediately obvious they will be unlikely to stay long to try and find out, but rather look elsewhere for a more obvious answer.

Tell them!

Too many sellers describe their product or service in terms of a specification or a technical description of the product and expect the customer to work out that the product can solve their problem. e.g. FLAC support etc… yes but what does FLAC support mean? does it make it sound good?

We use the latest orthodontic and endodontic treatments… and does that mean you can you fix my toothache?

You may think that your customers are surely intelligent enough to work out that 2 + 2 = 4 but why take the risk, tell them it = 4, tell them what the benefit of your product/service will be to them. Not only will it reassure those that can work it out that they have come to the right place, it will also convince those that haven’t.

So instead market your solutions and benefits (your not only demonstrating relevance to need but also the value of your solution):

Refreshing ice cold drinks – cool down and quench your thirst, just choose your flavour!

Toothache? – Help is at hand, call this number now for emergency tooth pain relief

A sofa in your room no matter how narrow or awkward the access
-just like magic – guaranteed!

If this music player can make even eurovision songs sound good
just think how fantastic your music collection will sound!

You may feel the need to expand on your initial message, just make sure everything you say demonstrates a benefit to the customer and how the solution is right here (no need to look anywhere else).

Research your customers needs

Of course you should also make sure you have researched your target customers sufficiently to be sure and know what the need is and the need will provide sufficient opportunities for you to be the solution. But that is a subject for another day.

Improve sales performance:

Key message:

Don’t sell products and services, sell benefits and solutions to make your products irresistible.

What solutions and benefits do you sell?

I don’t sell websites I sell the means to help businesses sell the right product to the right customer making the right impression at the right time.


I would love to explore with you how I can provide personalised website marketing UK solutions for you that create irresistible products. I’m sure I can help you increase web sales by improving website conversion to maximise the true potential of your business.

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