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Good bye to successful website redesign

15 Ways To Say Goodbye To A Successful Website Redesign.


How to avoid a successful website redesign project. Yes wave goodbye to your website redesign success by following this easy 15 point plan for complete failure:

  1. Be completely obsessive about ‘the design’ and pixel perfection. Don’t let usability, useful functionality or purpose get in the way.
  2. Show off your creative, quirky side, by placing elements like logo’s, site search boxes and navigation menus in unusual places so visitors can play your version of ‘where’s wally?’
  3. Include lots of small font sized text, and don’t clutter it with mentions of benefits or any problem you or your product solves.
  4. Include every single one of your important products, messages and services on one page so there is something to appeal to everybody. That way you can delight in imagining the confused faces of your visitors.Worried
  5. Use phrases like “If your looking for the very best high quality widgets at rock bottom prices then you’ve come to the right place” and avoid backing up the claims with any testimonials, reviews, or industry affiliation.
  6. Demonstrate your ‘green’ credentials by using and reusing every available pixel of your website. Condense all your text into long paragraphs to save space, remember leaving white space shows a lack of resourcefulness.
  7. Don’t insult your visitors intelligence with big action buttons that say exactly what to do next. They like to look around and try to work it out for themselves.Don't Know
  8. Include lots of beautiful 6 megabyte pictures, that way you can tease your visitors with slow motion reveals of your products or portfolio.
  9. Don’t bother with social media sharing buttons like twitter and facebook or if you do include them make sure they are really tiny and blend unobtrusively in to the page.
  10. Ignore anything like Google analytics data that suggest some of your current pages are bringing traffic or driving sales. Get rid of it if it doesn’t fit with the new design.
  11. Don’t worry about any websites e.g. Google that link to your old web address url’s, as anyone who clicks on them will get  a nice ‘page not found’ message which will be a nice surprise for them.
  12. Remember, treat your website as a completely isolated marketing channel. Don’t confuse matters by  integrating it with any other marketing such as collecting opt-ins for e-mail campaigns.
  13. Remember, you know how your customers think so don’t waste time testing how different versions, layouts, buttons or copy convert into leads or sales.
  14. Don’t even consider how visitors will find your website until the last minute then call in an ‘SEO Expert’ to work some magic.
  15. Ensure there is no way for you to easily update your website yourself with any new content or special promotions. Be totally dependant on external agencies to make changes. It will save you time & money in the long run because you will soon grow tired of delays and not be able to justify the cost. So rest easy with no changes to make… until you decide you need another redesign.

If for some inexplicable reason you want to rebel against these guidelines then I guess you could consider things like; building in an SEO strategy to get your site found, clear marketing and conversion goals from the start and planned navigation and usability – A brilliant book such as ‘Don’t Make Me Think!: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug will be a big help there.

Hey, if you are a really serious dissenter then you’ll probably want to hire a Website Marketing and SEO consultant.

If like me you want to join the crusade against ‘sensible website redesign’ then please share this post as much as possible using the social media buttons on the left there. (oops must remember to remove those on my next redesign!Great Idea

…and please add your own tips in the comments below.

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About the author: Pete Stevens: I work with businesses to get the best out of their website; maximise visitors and maximise sales. I live with my wife and 2 teenage children near Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire UK. I enjoy golf, football and curry mmm!

2 Responses to “15 Devastating Ways To Make A Website Redesign Project Flounder & Fail”

  1. I would add:
    16. Definitely don’t get your copy checked by someone who can write decent English. Who cares if your message gets lost in a confusion of mis-used apostrophes and the wrong kind of your/you’re or two/to/too? If people are bothered enough, they’ll guess what you’re trying to say, right?
    (Although, reading through the 15 points, I’m not entirely surprised to find the author doesn’t think a good standard of English is necessary…)

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