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Make use of the expertise of a website marketing consultant and you will almost certainly generate more sales from your website and online presence, and gain a growing confidence in your online marketing approach, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?  

To understand this better lets take a look at some of the other digital service providers.



  1. web-design-signMany web designers are concerned with the aesthetics of a website and their chief concern is understandably the design and not necessarily your sales.
  2. Web developers generally work from a brief waiting to be told by the non-expert client what to build. They tend to be passive rather than pro active. When asked by the client, can you create some flash moving imagery that looks cool, he will often say sure and the result frequently looks great. Where appropriate a ‘cool’ feature can be an effective differentiator, but often if it does nothing or little to generate more leads and sales for your business. The time & money could have been much better invested. 
  3. An SEO agency will be primarily concerned with gaining high rankings for your web pages for certain Google searches. This is often a very important part of a successful online strategy. Generating traffic from search engines like Google will most likely be a crucial part of your online success. However, bringing traffic that actually results in leads and sales is not always the primary concern of an SEO agency that purely measures results in terms of rankings.

Add into the mix the role of social media, conversion optimisation, blogging, content generation and content marketing etc etc then the world of online and a successful online presence can seem a daunting and far off place.

What does a Website Marketing Consultant do?

Many businesses have great online potential, but it is unfulfilled due to a lack of the right internet marketing strategy.

Bingley and Bradford Web Marketing Consultant Pete StevensThe expertise of a Website Marketing Consultant brings a clear direction, focus, strategy and a plan for online success to the business, with an online marketing mix that contains only the elements of the above that will generate leads, sales and are right for the business.   If you are lucky your website consultant will be one that also get his hands dirty along the way, er… like me Wonderful. I offer a complete service of web design and development, search optimisation, content marketing that exploits the power of social media and conversion optimisation.

In other words I have a hands on approach to work with you to achieve your bottom line, more leads and sales through your online channel. 

But enough of the sales pitch, lets look at a typical scenario that befalls many businesses and how you can avoid the same mistakes. 

The all too typical reality of the fledgling business website

A new business is created and thoughts turn to ways of establishing an online presence for the business. The next step is often to create a website. Built either by a web designer or a well meaning friend or relative. Hours and days are spent agonising over the right words and images, the logo etc etc.

The website is launched, two weeks later and if any statistics are viewed they show around 9 visits to the sparkly new website and no sales. 


which way to turn? (courtesy

It’s at this point that the business owner realises that there is more to an effective online presence than just having a shiny website. All that time and money invested, for what? Some business owners in this position have told me that they feel at a complete loss as to know what to do about it and unsure which way to turn. Feelings of disaster and panic are not uncommon. Let me reassure you, if that is your experience. Of course it is best not to be in this position in the first place, but there is no need to panic, there is a lot that can be done to remedy the situation. From my base in Bingley near Bradford I have been delighted to help those in this predicament. Those same business owners have been in a lot happier and confident place after some swift remedial action.

“Pete that is SO much better” Harrington Family Law

“I have just seen the new website. Much, much, much better.” Helens Heritage Walks

Certainly if you are expecting prospective customers to find you on Google then you will need some expertise in designing and optimising a web site that is found by search engines. If you want to make changes for new services, prices, promotions, latest news etc then you do not want to be tied to be reliant on the well meaning friend or subjected to having to pay for each change to content that you could easily make yourself.

How to give your website the best chance of success.

Here are some basic pointers on how to avoid the same mistakes and some help & advice to make you feel a bit better if you already have. 

  • Get a professional to create your website.
  • Ensure you are able to update the content of your website yourself. The best websites include a CMS (Content Management System) which includes an easy to use editor.
  • Ensure your new website is designed to be found by search engines by building to an SEO (Search Engine Optimisaton) Design. At the very basic level that means creating content that uses the same phrases as those who search for products and services like yours.  Here is a case study of an SEO Website that I designed and built.  
  •  If you already have a website then make sure it includes your address if you want to be found for local searches. e.g. Solicitor in Bingley. Make sure it matches exactly any directory listings you have.
  • Click to get your Free SEO Guide for Non TechiesIf you can’t stretch to professional advice, investigate & research what SEO changes you can make yourself. Start by downloading my free 6 step guide to an optimised website – Search Engine Optimisation For Non-Techies.
  • Adopt a content marketing approach that builds the content and authority of your online presence – read more about content marketing.
  • Consider hiring a website marketing consultant.
In addition to the above the website marketing consultant can
  • Get your website back on track
  • Put in place a strategy that targets acquiring profitable website traffic.
  • A strategy to increase leads & sales generated from your website.
  • Plus how to make your website work hand in hand with your other marketing via Twitter etc to increase its effectiveness 

Imagine the feeling of confidence that you will have that your online marketing is now being handled with expertise.

As a business owner you can’t always know everything it takes to make a successful website. Engage a website marketing consultant and you’ll be able to concentrate on what you do best – running your business, having confidence in the knowledge that your website and online marketing are in expert hands.

If you need help with your website then drop me a line to enquire about hiring me as your website marketing consultant on an easy freelance arrangement especially if you are based anywhere near Bingley or Bradford in West Yorkshire.

About the author: Pete Stevens: I work with businesses to get the best out of their website; maximise visitors and maximise sales. I live with my wife and 2 teenage children near Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire UK. I enjoy golf, football and curry mmm!

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