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marketing-sherpa-winner“The winner of 2012 best, most effective Search Engine Optimisation  Tactic is…”

(rustling of envelope opening) 

Drum roll please…, lets hear it for… … … “Content Creation!”

So as Mr & Mrs Content Creation approach the stage to accept their award I wonder what their victory speech might be like…,

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technorati-blog-directoryToday I have been going through the process of adding my blog to Technorati which is a very useful blog directory.

Useful as it lists blogs by subject category, so you can use it to search and find interesting blogs on subjects that you have an interest in. Useful for the blogger as it can bring traffic i.e. people who have an interest in the bloggers subject matter. Continue reading »


In part 1 yesterday we looked at how excellent content is so important for sustained higher rankings and the substantial benefits to be gained from content marketing. Following on from our look at where to publish our content, in todays final part we look at the way Google recognises how excellent or not our content is. We will also look at a couple more things we can do for increased recognition.  Continue reading »


People often ask how can I rank higher in Google? The answer I usually give is to pose another question; “Say you want to know how to make a great cup of coffee so decide to Google ‘How to make great coffee’, what sites would you hope would rank highly?”  Most people answer the one’s which have the best instructions, that will enable me to make the best cup of coffee, that I can trust as an authority on coffee making and that I will enjoy reading & learning from.

I bet you fancy a cuppa now! 

The good news is that Google wants the same thing (I mean quality sites at the top not a cup of coffee) and usually gets pretty close to presenting the best results. If it didn’t we would all stop using Google pretty quickly. 

So there you have your answer. If we want to rank highly then we need to create the best quality content, build a brand that can be recognised as an authority in its field and provide a great experience for our website visitors. Sure there are things we can do like making our content relevant to our target keywords, but we should aim to create content that readers will love then google will love us too. Conversely hastily put up poor quality content can adversely affect your whole site.

Readers like quality content = Google likes quality content. 

Marketing our business via quality content is known as Content Marketing and is the most effective and reliable means of reaching more people through consistant high rankings. But it’s more than that. Continue reading »


content marketing case study shotmiser-golf-gpsShotmiser make golf GPS units. When people see the units they are generally impressed, they regularly get 4 & 5 star reviews. But competing against big GPS brands like Garmin is not easy.

One cost effective means is by content marketing. The production of quality content which can be good for consumers, good for Google love and good for the brand.

So here is a real life Content Marketing Case Study example that shows what we did in our quest to produce excellent content and how it brought significant additional “free” traffic to the website. Continue reading »

olympic_stadium make your website olympic

Were you surprised at how brilliant the Olympics were? The buzz & excitement? The recognition for us Brits? The British success? Go on you were a little bit proud weren’t you? 

What if we were able to get just a little bit of that Olympic-ness into our business and in particular into our websites? Let’s see if we can learn some great Olympic lessons to take into our own online challenge. I think we can… Continue reading »


Blogging Pains

What’s the point in spending hours producing content or writing a blog post when hardly anybody is going to read it? Do you know that feeling? Painful? I know I do. 

Or I did until I discovered a way to get a lot more people to read what I’ve written and lots of other benefits too. This is my story of how I am changing my path of pain into my path of  gain.

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What should I tweet about today?
What can I tweet to enhance my reputation?
What should I tweet to show that I am an authority in my subject area?
What shall I tweet about to get more followers?

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set up google alert to tell you when your web page is listed

So you have just created a new post or page on your website, your excited and want the rest of the world to find it as soon as possible. You want to know if your web page is listed in google. So how do you find out? Perhaps you go to google and key the title of your content and scan the results to see if you can find your page, and give up once you reach page 7 of the search results. But there are some better ways. Continue reading »

optimise my website for googlebot search engine

My Start getting found on the internet post gave an overview of how to optimise a website for google search in general terms. It outlined the 3 major factors that google uses to determine a websites ranking for a search phrase keyed into google: 1. Relevancy, 2. Trust & authority, 3. Fresh & up to date.

Lets take a closer look at the first of these website optimisation elements; how you can show google that your website is relevant to the search phrase(s) that you want to get visits from.

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