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upload file verification method google webmaster tools verify site

Google webmaster tools verification of my website using file upload method.



I recommend verifying your website in google webmaster tools to take advantage of important information and insight that webmaster tools will give you about your website. Continue reading »

To begin to improve sales performance make sure your product or service is exactly what your customer needs.

Before you exclaim that I’m just stating the obvious let me explain more fully what I mean in marketing terms… Continue reading »

How to get your website on google search. A basic explanation of how search engines rank… Continue reading »

I know you’re itching to get started, but a little thought and planning up front will go a long long way to making it a success… Continue reading »

From anxiety to euphoria. The highs, the lows and highs of starting to Twitter.

Twitter is a really simple easy to use tool that many businesses are using to reach, engage and ultimately convert customers. But using it in the right and effective way is a lot harder and many businesses give up all too soon. This is where a training course such as the one that I recently took part in can really help. However, if you are going to use Twitter then you may also need to be prepared to encounter varying extremes of emotions on the way as I discovered. It can cause us anxiety and can feel like being in a vacuum at times but with perseverance and perhaps some fortitude it can also feel exhilarating and rewarding when used to build business relationships and not purely for marketing.

I hope the story of my experience helps prepare you for these highs and lows encouraging you to persevere and reap its rewards and may act as an accompaniment to any training you may receive. Continue reading »

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Can I really make my own website?

If you are not very IT literate then starting your own website can seem like a daunting task but don’t worry.

I’m not going to lead you through a technical step by step guide to making a website because their are many different ways to achieve that. What I will do is guide you through some of the fundamentals that will ensure you know what it takes to make an effective website for your business and avoid the mistakes made by others.

Continue reading »

Many businesses believe that lots of people will visit their good looking website and want to buy even though the reality is that many beautiful and expensive websites are rarely visited and are poor converters.

Read on to discover the blog post articles for my get found on the internet blog category.

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