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What should I tweet about today?
What can I tweet to enhance my reputation?
What should I tweet to show that I am an authority in my subject area?
What shall I tweet about to get more followers?


These are all questions that you and I ask ourselves when we stare at that little blue bird on our screens.what should I tweet - twitter question mark

Twitter is a great way to reach people and build trusting relationships. However, if you are like me then thinking of things to tweet that are worth tweeting is a constant pressure. I am still working on my twitter presence and if I’m honest I haven’t yet found the answer to incorporating twitter into each and every working day but I have found a way to easily find information that is not only useful to me but that is proving to be of interest to many of my twitter followers. This I believe is helping to build my authority as a website consultant amongst my twitter followers and why I advocate you use it too.

Feed the Bird – Get Tweet Inspiration – The Easy Way

The easy way to find blog posts that relate to your subject area is to use an RSS Aggregator tool such as the free Google Reader. What this does is allow you to easily subscribe to as many blogs as you wish and it will put all the published posts from those blogs in a nice list for you to easily scan and pick out those of interest. You can then comment on and share these on Twitter. This cuts out the leg work of going to all the sites in turn looking for sharable content and also gives you a library of useful info to choose material that will be of interest and help to your followers.

Here is how to use Google Reader to find what you should tweet about.

Go to Google Reader and sign in using your Google Account (just sign up if you don’t have one, it’s free)

What should I tweet about -google reader signin


Once signed in it will look like this. Now don’t touch the search box at the top, instead click the red subscribe button and enter your subject area. So for example if I was a Graphic Designer I might enter “graphic design blog” in the subscribe box. Then click Add.

what should i tweet about - google reader find blogs


Google will then return a list of, you guessed it, graphic design blogs. It also tells you how many subscribers each already has so you can see which are the popular ones. You can either just click the blue plus subscribe button or…

what should i tweet about - finding relevant blogs with google reader


…select a blog to find out more about it and the types of things being blogged about. You will see the latest  posts from the blog and can decide if it looks useful enough to subscribe to.

what should i tweet about - subscribing to relevant blogs with google reader


Once you have subscribed to a few blogs click on ‘All Items’ on the left. The posts from the blogs you have subscribed to are shown. By default this is in ‘expanded’ view. I prefer to see just the post titles so I click the ‘List View’ icon in the top right (sorry I cut it off in this screenshot but you can see it in the one above). In list view all the posts from all the subscribed blogs are listed in most recent first order so I can easily pick out the posts that interest me and that I might want to share and tweet about on Twitter. 

what should i tweet about - my tweet inspiration blog list on Google Reader


Add More Inspiration to Your Tweet Feeding Google Reader

As you wander around the internet you might stumble upon other great blogs and want to add them to your subscriptions. just look for the RSS Feed link to add it to your Google Reader feed. Typically it is a little orange button, like that one over there on the right… up towards the top of my sidebar. Go on click it, nothing bad will happen, the worst will be you will get my blog posts in your Google Reader list of posts. ;)

Use Google Reader in conjunction with Google Alerts to really have your finger on the pulse of your, as they say, industry vertical. And you’ll also always have on tap a source of tweetable shareable content that will help to grow your authority amongst your Twitter followers.

Monitor Your Engagement with your Twitter Followers.

Is it working? Well one measure is your follower numbers, but a better measure is who and how many of your followers are engaging with your content. I monitor this by putting the url’s of the posts I want to share into which enables me to check how many have clicked on the link. Monitoring retweets and conversations completes the picture of how I am engaging and growing my authority with my Twitter followers.

If you have now found inspiration for your tweets using Google Reader then get tweeting but first please consider sharing this post using the social media buttons just to the left there. Thanks.

And please share that you now know what to tweet about in the comments below together with any other twitter tips you may have.

About the author: Pete Stevens: I work with businesses to get the best out of their website; maximise visitors and maximise sales. I live with my wife and 2 teenage children near Bradford & Leeds in Yorkshire UK. I enjoy golf, football and curry mmm!

2 Responses to “What should I Tweet About? – Get inspiration for your tweets using Google Reader”

  1. Good stuff Pete.

    I’ve been doing this for a while (obviously ;) , however the next step for people these days is to make all of their feeds accessible from a mobile device – then articles can be posted anytime :)

    Suggested apps: Pulse or Flipboard.


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