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Business Web Design IconTo make a website for business success.

If you are a local business then you need an internet presence and website that gets found locally on Google such as in Bingley, Bradford, Leeds and Yorkshire. So it needs to be designed and optimised for those Bingley, Bradford, Leeds and Yorkshire searches. I have established several local business websites with #1 Google rankings for multiple local searches.

Call me for local websites optimised for local Google searches.

If you need a wider national or even international reach then my SEO web designs will take account of the competitiveness of potential search phrases and give you a design that is optimised for search phrases that are realistically possible to rank well for and bring enough quality traffic to your site to achieve your goals.

Successful business websites have 3 key elements:

    1. They get found when people search for the products and services that they offer.
    2. They successfully convert a good proportion of visitors into leads (enquiries etc) and sales.
    3. They are able to add and change content on the website quickly (e.g. to add promotions, product information etc etc).

Read a case study describing the story of how I built a new website to replace an outdated one which led to more visitors, sales and is easily updated by the website owner.


Engage me to build your new website. Optimised for search, optimised for sales and your content fully under your control.


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